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InterContinental Goes Local With Video Guides

September 20, 2006 at 5:07 PM | by | Comments (0)

Hoping to combat the perception that chain hotels have no sense of the local scene, InterContinental is having staffers record local video guides.According to this article in AdWeek, we'll soon see localized video guides produced by the InterContinental Hotel Group. Apparently ones for 142 locations will be available online, with word getting out through four TV spots that talk them up. According to the article, they're getting them done by a company that won't give it too much corporate gloss:

TurnHere, which also offers distribution through its Web site and partnerships with Google and other destinations, uses a database of 2,000 local filmmakers to produce videos for under $10,000, said CEO Bradley Inman.

One InterContinental video shows Robert Warren, concierge at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., introducing his favorite haunts. "We don't write scripts," said Inman. "This is about someone on the street telling the story of their business,"

We'll assume this means that the concierges at InterContinental and Crowne Plaza are not imposters. But since you won't find a concierge anyway at a Holiday Inn or Staybridge Suites, are these ads and videos supposed to make us believe the part-time night clerk there knows more than the part-time night clerk at, say, Embassy Suites? Does InterContinental Hotel Group training include drinking and eating fests around the neighborhood? We really do want to know, so you ICH corporate communications types can chime in with a comment below...

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