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Jason Pomeranc: Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Opening Six Columbus Hotel

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September 20, 2006 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

Ok, so it has been a running joke around HotelChatter headquarters that if you do a Google image search for "Jason Pomeranc" you will see a page full of photos of the 60 Thompson hotelier with many, many different women.

Not that the Googlebot drone is making any editorial statements about Jason Pomeranc's social life, but we can read between the lines. Photo of Jason Pomeranc with Shannon Dougherty, photo of Jason with Erika Christensen, photo of Jason with random blonde #1, random blonde #2, random blonde #3--you get the picture. However, recently, we have noticed that the same random blonde appearing over and over again, and there are actually more Google images of Pomeranc's hotels than his girlfriends.

According to our sources, and who knows if they are right, Jason is in a long term relationship with the most obvious Google images blonde, Christian Dior's Ali Wise, and has been for some time.

Could all this alleged domestic stability mean Jason is settling down and concentrating on finishing the job over at 6 Columbus? Hardly.

Listen in as we converse with 60 Thompson just minutes ago:

HotelChatter: Can we book a room at 6 Columbus?

60 Thompson: No, it is still not open. We have no idea when it will open.

HotelChatter: Hmm. When we should check back in with you guys?

60 Thompson: Maybe next year?

The official Six Columbus website still says, "Six Columbus: Midtown Goes Mod: Summer 2006".

Some unsolicited advice for Ali: If he says he wants a long engagement, ask him if he means THOR opening long or Six Columbus opening long. If he says the latter, head for the hills.

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Re: Jason Pomeranc: Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Open

Free Dior clothes and free hotel rooms? I say Ali Wise is wise indeed.