A Westin-Hemingway-Madrid Connection

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Sipping back a cocktail at the Palace Bar in the Westin Palace Madrid you'd think it was a place that Penelope Cruz likes to frequent. Yet, in actuality this hotel was a favorite watering hole for America's own Ernest Hemingway. Of course, back then it wasn't a Westin.

The hotel's bar, located just steps from the Prado (no, not Prada) Museum, continues to be hot on the Madrid scene. Its cocktails that once so impressed Hemingway are still the rage today. If you're wondering just how good these drinks are, consider this:

The famous Palace Bar, decorated in the purest English classical style, is famous worldwide for its highly specialized cocktail preparation, in particular for its dry Martinis that were especially appreciated by one of its most outstanding clients, Ernest Hemingway, who mentioned them in his work "The Sun Also Rises".

Now if this isn't a cultural experience, what is? Sipping back Hemingway's favorite cocktail in an English bar in Madrid, Spain is so hip you may have to dress like a beatnik while you're there. If you're able to refrain, at least impress your friends with the information before the bartender even gets to you.

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