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Aloft Hotels to First Open in Second Life

August 4, 2006 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

aloft Hotels, Starwood's updated road side inn, isn't set to debut until September 2008 (in Lexington, Mass. of all places) but if you're a supernerd, then you only have to wait one more month.

That's because aloft has partnered with various designers to build a virtual hotel inside the world of Second Life. For all you non-gamers out there, this is a virtual world, where you create an avatar of yourself and then roam around virtual places, meeting other virtual people.

So aloft has decided to build and premiere its first hotel in this virtual world, by creating an entire aloft island where your avatar can attend concerts and movie premieres. While this is going on, you will can watch this graphical hotel being built.

You can follow the all this virtual progress on the Virtual Aloft blog. So far the imagery appears to come from the design renderings from the aloft website, so there are no real new designs displayed. But the Virtual Aloft blog editor informed us that just like real world design plans evolve, the Second Life designs will evolve as well. Cool. Also, since the bulk of Second Life is resident-created, maybe avatars can help design the virtual hotel?

Having made the rounds to the "older folk" in the aloft-a-go-go airstream trailer, we presume this is Starwood's attempt to get the attention of the younger, gaming crowd.

Does this mean HotelChatter will have to get a Second Life avatar to check out aloft design progress? If so will this virtual aloft place at least have free WiFi?

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