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Live Blogging Gramercy Park Hotel :: The Room, Part Two

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August 14, 2006 at 11:48 AM | by | ()

We say goodnight to our friends at the Jade bar and head back up to our room to get ready for bed.

But we discover that our cell phone has no service in our room--damn T-Mobile--so we need to walk around the block to make some phone calls.

Once we finish our phone calls it is back up to our room. The hotel has three elevators, one of which always has an attendant to help you push the buttons. Otherwise, you will need your room key card to access the hotel floors. Just some more exclusivity for you.

Returning to the room, we check out the $750 Nano in the iPod stereo dock and we select the customized Gramercy Park Hotel hip-hop playlist. With songs like "Ain't No Fun" by Snoop Dogg and "Hate It or Love It" by The Game with the new Christina Aguilera song thrown in, we decide we love this music option. Way better than any Hotel CDs.

More on the sleepover post-jump.

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The $750 Nano also features a classical playlist, future sounds, house music, jazz music, love music (Sade types of songs), new rock n' roll, timeless, vintage soul and world music. We still think Schrager should have added a Studio 54 Greatest Hits playlist.

As for sleeping in the hotel, since only about 35 or 40 rooms are actually in use the place is very quiet. Perhaps a little too quiet. We decide the velvet gothic chair is a little scary looking after all and turn on one of the accordion lamps by our bed. Yes we still need a night light.

In the morning we wake up and dim the freaky lightbulb clusters in the bathroom to a reasonable level so that we can put in our contacts without being blinded. The toiletries offered are Hamadi hair care, Hakansson bath gel, Mario Badescu body lotion and Red Flower bath salts--all chosen by Ian's friends, the editors at Allure Mag.

We then head on down to second floor for our complimentary breakfast, which was included in the $250 opening room rate. Just your standard complimentary breakfast fare such as coffee, juice, pastries--nothing to see here. There's also a big flat-screen TV in this temporary breakfast room as well (the restaurant opens in the fall, as does some sort of private rooftop club.) plus the hotel drops a copy of the NY Times outside your room in a stylish brown paper bag with the GPH logo and the word "news" written on the bag, guess we are finally past the whole Jayson Blair thing.

After eating breakfast overlooking Gramercy Park, we head back up to our room to begin the day. This time we hear lots of commotion going on upstairs--furniture moving we guess--and our desk is a little wobbly. Again, this is not the place to do any sort of real work, then again, it is hard to imagine that any international jetsetters do real work in their hotel room.

Next up, using our Gramercy Park key.

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