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Hotel Websites: Steve Wynn's Voice is Everywhere

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July 10, 2006 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

This week we'll be reviewing the good, the bad and the ugly hotel websites out there today. A good website usually means it's easy to navigate, has lots of information and you can book a reservation without hassle. A bad website is just the opposite and makes you not want to stay at the hotel. We can't get to them all so let us know if there's a particular site you love or loathe and we'll investigate.

It's been more than a year since Hotel Maven Dzot composed his letter to Steve Wynn about his "atrocious" web site for Wynn Las Vegas.

Poor Dzot waited at least a half hour for Wynn's flash nightmare site to load. As far as we know, he could still be waiting for that page to load. We have gotten into the site and things aren't that great when things finally do load. After the loading is completed (for which Wynn has posted a thank-you note for your patience) Steve Wynn's voice comes on and tells you that his web site is special because they've hidden surprises within the pages. Then he tells us to go find them.

What we found was nothing except a lot of Wynn's voice. He does the narrating for each menu item such as Rooms & Suites, Casino, Golf, Shopping, Weddings, Meetings and Spa. However, Wynn doesn't speak on the Nightclubs section, instead a techno beat is used. Perhaps Wynn's too old to understand the nightclub life.

Navigating the menu bar requires some work. You can click on the images at the bottom of the screen to take you to a specific page but its not clear what stands for what. Sure, the golf ball means golf reservations but how are you supposed to know the bird image is for show reservations? Better to use the menu tabs up top but you have to wait for those to scroll on by at times. God forbid you should open this page in Safari or Internet explorer. Luckily, the reservations page (with an iHotelier central reservations system) works pretty fast and you can directly bypass the other stuff on the home page.

Overall the site is still not as user-friendly as we would like. But maybe that is just part of Wynn's master plan to keep his hotel exclusive.

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