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When the Mondrian Hotel started selling sex toys in its gift shop back in February, with plans to offer toys in-room, we thought that this would be the beginning of an exciting new hotel trend.

However, we forgot that way back in late 2004, The Drake Hotel had added its very own pleasure menu, meaning that hotels were hip to your sexual hotel needs way before the Mondrian got in on the game.

At the Drake, pleasure kits are available for $35 and include vibrators, massage oils, condoms, velvet restraints and how-to videos. (Er...How-to videos?)The kits and other sexual aids are listed on the "Pleasure Menu". Once you place your order (with a discreet staffer), the goods will be delivered promptly so as not to ruin the mood.

We just wonder what it says on your check-out bill after you order these goods. Are they itemized or does it just say Pleasure Menu Service?

If you do hit up the Drake this funky boutique hotel has a bumping nightlife that can either put you in the mood or ruin it completely:

Avoid Room 203 at all costs because it is located at the top of a long stairway [or echo chamber] from the lobby, and the window overlooks a very active outdoor patio area. I understand that if you complain about the noise the front desk will send you a set of their own earplugs.

Earplugs can definitely kill the mood as no one can look sexy wearing those.

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