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Hotel Cribs Can Be Child Deathtraps

July 14, 2006 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

We thought all you had to worry about when traveling with kids was whether or not they would behave and thus, allow you to actually enjoy your vacation.

But a report done by a local NBC news station in Maryland uncovered that a few hotels and motels offer outdated cribs that could potentially kill your child.

The news team checked out five hotels in College Park and out of 10 cribs only two passed inspection. Almost all included adult sheets on the crib mattress which is a potential choking hazard. One crib at the Super 8 was assembled upside down with the mattress floorboard falling out. The other included an adult pillow. The Holiday Inn had one crib that passed inspection but was still using an Evenflo Happy Camper crib which was recalled in 1997 for faulty hinges that caused the crib to collapse.

The only hotel that got it right? The Hampton Inn who had two brand-new regulation-abiding cribs.

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Re: Hotel Cribs Can Be Child Deathtraps

These newscasts and "killer" products are always so silly. This guy has it right:

People over 30 should be dead

Right on.

Re: Hotel Cribs Can Be Child Deathtraps

My company, Bringing Baby, works with Maryland hotels to provide JPMA certified and safety-rated cribs and other baby-related amenities for their guests. We also work directly with the guests if they're concerned about the hotels provisions. If interested, please feel free to visit us online at www.BringingBaby.com.

children's cribs

Hotel cribs should be checked so that no harm can be done to a child and if it is a drop side crib because Baby fatalities or simply wounds are something no father or mother ever wants to undergo. With the amount of side bar cribs being recalled because of this, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is debating on whether or not to ban these types of popular cribs period.

Here is the proof: Safety Commission bans drop side cribs

I can only speak for myself, but a drop side bar on a crib isn't really a necessity anyway. These cribs are highly popular, but it is probably due to the fact that a drop side has almost become standard in any crib. I know I would take out the same payday advance to purchase a crib whether it had a drop side bar or not.