HotelChatter Launches Intergalactic Hotel Pages

June 8, 2006 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

Um, ok, we aren't aware of hotels on planets other than earth, but we figured since Google Mars launched, we better lay hotel claim to the entire galaxy.

The perceptive Hotel Mavens out there may have noticed that a couple days ago "Related Hotels" began appearing at the end of stories. What are these mysterious related hotels? These links lead to our brand spankin' new hotel pages. By clicking these links you will easily be able to find information on specific hotels cited in the story.

As you know, we are just a tad bit obsessed with hotels over here, and we believe that every hotel tells a story. From idea inception, through inevitable construction delays, opening parties, soft launch nightmares, comfortable beds, killer views, lame ass service, celebrity phone throwing, and doormen who dish, hotels usually have plenty to say. These new pages allow you to see all of the stories we cover in one central place, listed in blogmatic reverse chronological order.

Here are a few of our early favorites:

·Penguingate, MTV, and the hidden Hyatt
·The Hotel that paved the way for Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
·The Hotel on Rivington
·Schrager wants to change the world
·Wynn Las Vegas, of course.

Dive in, comment, spread the photo love, tell your hotel stories, and let us know what you think of the new pages.

Detailed hotel page info, plus big ass screen shot post break.

What else?

You can check prices at each of the hotels listed. Most of the time the price checking is done through Hotels.com. However, we are also linking off to hotel websites for your price checking pleasure. As the Hotel Mavens know, we recommend you always check as many places as possible when looking to book, and let us know where you snagged the best price.

We have integrated Google Maps into each page so you can click over and see where your hotel is located.

We have integrated the HotelChatter photo pool and a general Flickr tag search to pull the latest five photos at some hotels. We will be adding these tag searches in more and more as we go along, but for now you will see the last five photos from the HotelChatter photo pool if you don't see direct hotel photos. You can help this cause by uploading your hotel photos to our photo pool on Flickr, and remember to tag them appropriately.

Instant Reviews
A new section of unadulterated hotel commenting has been added to each hotel page. If you click on "Post a Comment" you can now comment on each and every individual hotel. All you have to do is become a member first, so we can try to keep up with the Chinese spammers. Of course, we still want you to send your hotel stories to our editors on a daily basis where each and every story will be considered for publication. But this new comment area should give you that immediate gratification that the MySpace generation aches for.

Watch these pages closely, as we will be continuously adding to them.

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