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It's officially Summer and the weather in Las Vegas is heating up to 100 degrees which means people are stripping down to their bikinis and board shorts (some banana hammocks too) and letting their tattooed bodies and gold chains bask in the sun poolside. This week, we are updating you on what's going on at various Vegas hotel pools, using recent pictures from Flickr, recent reviews from TripAdvisor and recent tips. If you know or see anything you think we should be writing about, let us know what's going on.

There's seems to be several sides to the pool scene at the Wynn Las Vegas. One is very much like the scene above--a tranquil setting filled with wealthy adults seeking a peaceful Vegas pool and equally wealthy families who don't want to subject their young children to gyrating bodies and ugly tattoos.

Then there's the private, adults only, European-style, topless pool where you can play blackjack and order cocktails (at $12 a piece). There's also a special VIP pool area for guests staying in the hotel's Tower Suites. (We assume you can do whatever you want here.)

But no matter what pool you hang out at, it's sure to be expensive. Cabanas are available to rent for about $500 and come complete with a refrigerator, TV, an iPod (upon request), overhead fan, personal server and room service.

Ordering food from the pool's restaurant will also cost you as one guest discovered over Memorial Weekend:

Drinks at the pool were $12 each and there was no food available other than premade, soggy sandwiches. Two drinks, two soggy sandwiches and chips ran us $60!!!!! Would not have minded paying the money if it had tasted good.

Still, the Wynn has some of the luxurious touches that you won't find at any of the other "regular" hotel-casinos on the strip like complimentary bottled water and misters to keep you cool in the heat when you're not in the pool. So if you happen to be out of ideas on how to blow your money or if you hit the jackpot at the slots, consider giving your earnings to Wynn.

More pictures after the jump.

The Cabanas are nicer that some people's apartments.

A Private Pool, not sure if this is the topless one though.

A nice aerial shot of the hotel's pool layout.

Not that crowded at all.

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Re: Vegas Pool Scene :: Wynn Hotel is for Classy N

I haven't visited the topless VIP pool area at the Wynn (and probably won't) but a friend and I did try the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay in August of 2004.

Moorea Beach Club Entrance

Moorea Sign

We couldn't find two chairs at the regular pool/beach and were desperate to just sit down, so we walked over to Moorea - where they charged us $8 (I think) for entry - which was totally worth it. They laid out our towels for us and provided suntan lotion - plus the chairs were 10x nicer then the regular pool area, and the pools were clean and kids free. The major downside was 60+ year old women with half sagging bodies and half plastic surgery - without tops, and a lot of mid-20 year old guys in groups ...

Re: Vegas Pool Scene :: Wynn Hotel is for Classy N

These European style pools are all the rave right now in Vegas and we recently put together a nice article listing the hottest topless pools in Las Vegas.