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Uncool Bellhop Uniforms: Hotel Del Coronado

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May 9, 2006 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

This outfit is so wrong on many levels.

First off, the hat is terrible. And it doesn't make sense. The Del prides itself on its storied history (Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood Golden Age figures) but when in history were those derby hats really ever good-looking? The only people who should be wearing those are leprechauns.

Second, the vest with its gold velvet collar and gold buttons is a little ill-fitting and just ill in general. The pleated pants are also not flattering, especially not with those sneakers.

We think this bellhop knows how ridiculous he looks (see forced smile) which is why he has added some sunglasses to a) hide his face and b) attempt to redeem himself, essentially telling us, "I really am cool--deep down and off-duty."

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Archived Comments:

Re: Uncool Bellhop Uniforms: Hotel Del Coronado

The uniforms were absurd, and the new ones are even more absurd, looking like pink leisure suits. The man you are joking about is a friend of mine, and he really is a cool guy. What you think is a forced smile is really a patronizing look at someone he must have thought is absurd--you. And by the way, he's not a bellhop but a doorman. You should learn the difference between bellhops, doormen, and valets