Ritz-Carlton to Invade Starwood Headquarters

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Ritz Carlton is planning a new hotel in one of the most glamorous locations in the world--White Plains, N.Y.

Yes, the home of Starwood Hotels (who does not own the Ritz chain) is getting a fancy $400 million, "better than five-star" hotel. The hotel will have 123 rooms along with a several hundred residences starting at $1.2 million.

Says the developer:

It says that Westchester County and White Plains have arrived.

Since we've never actually been to White Plains, we have to rely on the description of others to paint the scene for us. The hotel will be built on Main Street which has a Target and an Applebee's restaurant across the way. A block away the old Sears department store is getting converted into a Wal-Mart.

Hmmm...we're not so convinced about the market in White Plains for a Ritz, but we are excited for some Ritz-Starwood showdowns at the Starbucks. Here's how we envision it:

·Ritz: "Your hotels ain't got nothing on us."
·Starwood:"We're opening 500 aloft hotels by 2012...worldwide!"
·Ritz: "Whooo...you're reinventing the roadside motel. We're really scared! Step off. We a luxury brand, fool."
·Starwood: "Oh yeah, then how come you're here in White Plains?"

Coffee is thrown, sugar packets are opened, business cards are aflutter in the air, someone's eyeglasses get stomped on and marketing brochures forever ruined. End Scene.

The hotel plans to be opened by 2008.

Image of White Plains via ClemenOrth/Flickr

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