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WiFi Hell: MGM Grand

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March 29, 2006 at 11:49 AM | by | ()

[Ed. Note; As we mentioned yesterday, we are posting reader-submitted WiFi Heavens and Hells for the rest of the week. Then, we will do one of each a week until the well runs dry. This first one is a hell about the MGM Grand's non-existent WiFi service and expensive, but crappy broadband access. We encourage you to comment below or you can let us know what you think by email. Enjoy.]

I recently spent a working week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As a web developer I needed to be online quite a bit during my stay. I was grateful for the broadband connection, despite the fact that it was a little sluggish.

The most significant problem was that the hotel's service regularly kicked me off (about 3-to-4 times a day), requiring me to sign on again each time, agreeing to the terms of service, etc.

When I checked out on Friday, I scanned my bill and noticed that I  
had been charged each time I had signed on. At about $13 a pop, the numbers tended to add up pretty quickly.

It took the novice at the front desk about 30 minutes to make sure I was billed only once per day.

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Archived Comments:

Same Here

The identical thing happened to me during a visit a few months ago (although they were very quick to resolve it).  I'm surprised they still haven't sorted the issue out.