Healthy Hotel Eating in NYC

February 8, 2006 at 4:47 PM | by | ()

On the heels of the Drake fundraiser disaster we hear that the New York City's Department of Health is doing its best to prevent locals and visitors from spending too much time in the bathroom.

If you plan to dine at a hotel restaurant (or any NYC restaurant for that matter), you may want to check out this new resource.  

The Golden Apple Quality Improvement Initiative allows anyone to view the health department's restaurant inspection and assessment. The lower the points, the more up to par the restaurant is, and anything below 27 passes.

Though we only did a quick search of hotel restaurants, most of them came out clean. The restaurant at Thor barely passed in December with 24 points and the violations have something to do with a thermometer and a missing certificate. (We don't really understand all food protection lingo so we'll hold off making judgements until someone gets sick.)

But the biggest offender was the Hotel Casablanca in Times Square which scored a whopping 57 points.

We can't decide if ignorance is bliss or knowledge is power in these types of situations.

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