Anna Nicole Checks into the Four Seasons

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March 1, 2006 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

In a weird twist, Anna Nicole Smith will be heading to the Supreme Court to contest her late husband's will.

One of our very reliable spies told us that she checked into the Four Seasons in Washington D.C. the other night before her Supreme Court appearance yesterday morning.

Smith was married to J. Howard Marshall II for only 14 months before he died at the age of 90, leaving a $1.6 billion estate which his son Pierce is fighting to keep solely his.

We only wonder if your real name is Vicky Lynn and you change it to Anna Nicole Smith, then marry a man with the last name Marshall, what is your alias? Trim Spa Baby?

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Archived Comments:

For Sales

Since the Four Seasons DC is for sale, maybe she was checking out what to do with the inheritance she hopes to get.

P.S. I heard her lawyer and fellow reality TV personality Howard K. Stern checked in under his real name.