Kama Sutra for Towels

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If you thought bending and twisting while doing the Kama Sutra was tough, try adding towel twisting to your repetoire.

A highly seductive and somewhat dangerous art, Towel Origami has been embraced at hotels and Catholic (?) cruise ships world-wide, hoping that the little touch of towel origami might possibly bring on more than a smile.

Here are the towel origami-friendly hotels we have found thus far:

· JW Marriott and Spa, Phuket, Thailand-- the maids taught one couple how to do the designs.
· Chan-Kah Resort Village, Palenque, Mexico reportedly has excellent towel origami with petals too.
· Hyatt Regency Taba Heights, Taba, Egypt, find your beach towel transformed into a cobra.
· Sol Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Avila, Cuba where recent guests commented that towel origami is always an appreciated touch.

Don't worry... if your hotel does not do towel origami, you can buy the book.

We only have one question though: Why do towel origami pieces need to wear sunglasses?

A photo of the Towel Elephant for your viewing pleasure post-click.

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I went on a Royal Carribean cruise to Bermuda, and my waiter also did towel animals (and some other dirtier things) with the dinner towels and napkins. Very cool - I wish I had pictures.

Re: Kama Sutra for Towels

Everyone in the hospitality industry should be making these.  Guests absolutely love them and will be talking about your location for months.

Housekeeping tips will go through the roof as well.

Learn how to make a towel animal right here: