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2006 Must-Have Hotel Amenity: Flat-Screen TVs

December 29, 2006 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Must-Have Hotel Amenity: Flat-Screen TVs

Forget a remote-controlled butler or an iris-scanning key card. Hotel guests still want simple things. Simple being a flat-screen high definition TV of course. Most luxury hotels are jumping on this train and throwing out the chunky black TVs of the early 00s. Which is why when we checked into the Tribeca Grand and found a broken black box, we were extremely surprised, what with room rates topping out at $400.

Of course, free WiFi also ranks as a must-have amenity and let's face it, if we had to choose that would be tough. Still, nothing says obsolete then one of those boxy TVs. Another way to put it?  If the gym down the street has a better TVs attached to its elliptical machines than in your hotel room, that hotel is in trouble.

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