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Best Anti-View: Wyndham Garden Hotel

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December 28, 2006 at 12:22 PM | by | ()

Best Anti-View: Wyndham Garden Hotel

We used to think getting a room view of scaffolding, brick walls or air shafts were the worst types of views you could get. However, men with skimpy bathing suits, like this man of leisure pictured here, take the cake.

What's worse about this, according to Hotel Maven Courtney May who sent it to us, is that the Wyndham Garden Hotel is also next to a children's hospital meaning those sick kids get to look at this too.

Funnily enough, this view seemed to be almost repeated in Croatia and then in San Francisco, one guest paraded around nude in his hotel room where workers across the way had a prime view. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they didn't snap this Ugly Naked Guy  on camera.

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No contest

This one wasn't even close.  

Re: Best Anti-View: Wyndham Garden Hotel

Hahahahaha. A true classic!

Re: Best Anti-View: Wyndham Garden Hotel

In case this gross-ness isn't enough - I got two shots:


But overall, the hotel itself wasn't bad for the price.