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Best Celebrity Performance: Britney Spears

December 28, 2006 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

2006 Best Celebrity Performance at a Hotel: Britney Spears

We didn't really see much of Britney Spears we know and love in the first half of 2006 what with being a new mom and all and then letting then-husband Kevin Federline impregnate her again by the time April came around.

But slowly and surely, Brit kept making sure we still knew she was alive. There was the famous baby-on-the-lap-while-driving incident in February and the famous-near-baby-dropping incident this May which occurred outside the St. Regis in New York.

All throughout her short-lived Mommyhood, Britney never stopped her love of hotels, checking out the Beverly Hills Hotel for some marital counseling and Four Seasons Maui and the Hotel Bel-Air for family time.

But when Mommyhood became so early 2006, Britney decided she needed some time to party. She sent K-Fed packing to the DoubleTree doghouse, and put herself up in the Loews Regency in November. She ruined her sweet innocent comeback look by dropping her pants at Tryst in the Wynn with Paris, then by possibly having biblical relations with Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis at the Hollywood Roosevelt. She even got people talking about possibly setting up at the Palms for a permanent concert venue a la Celine Dion, but does anyone even remember the last time that girl sang live? (Keyword being "sang" not lip-synched.)

We don't even know where Britney is right now but we're sure she's got a vodka tonic in one hand and a Marlboro light in the other. And little to no underwear. Britney will also be capping off her year of hotel living by ringing in the New Year at Caesar's Palace.

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