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What the Hotel Front Desk Clerk Really Knows

December 20, 2006 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

It's easy to make confessions when you're no longer working in the industry, but the current Budget Travel's Confessions of A Front-Desk Clerk is still not exactly full of the scandal we'd like to read. Just the same, it offers a bunch of tips that we can pass on to help you avoid the wrath of the front desk clerk on your next hotel stay.

For those with their eye on their wallets, this clerk tips that negotiation is the key.

What you want to do is contact us directly and request the best price. I'm shocked when guests agree to the rack rate without a peep.

Oops, been there, done that. It's also important to know that your misbehaviour will be punished:

Front-desk clerks keep a log to record all the noteworthy events that happen during their shifts. If a guest gets out of line, it goes in the book. Staffers stick together--wrong one of us, wrong all of us--so you can't expect to insult one employee and receive good treatment from another.

So you should remember that hotel clerks do know who you are, especially when you keep coming back.

Chances are we know why you're staying with us, whether it's for a vacation, wedding, or funeral. One weekend a guest is here with his wife; the next week he's back with his mistress.

So don't feel too confident you can trick a clerk into a better room or a cheaper rate. But you can still always try.

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