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New Majestic Hotel's Aquarium Room Package is Smokin'

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November 6, 2006 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

We reported to you back in March of the opening of Singapore's New Majestic Hotel. Featuring 30 concept rooms, now is the time to take advantage.

From November 13th the hotel's Aquarium room is the star of its "Simply Majestic" package which includes accommodations 2 nights in the Aquarium room, a one-way limo transfer from the airport, free WiFi, and a city tour for around $320. And in case you missed the first story, no the Aquarium isn't quite as it sounds, it's more about the bathroom:

The 'Aquarium' room displays its unique style through a glass-encased central bathtub feature as the focal point of the room. Upon entering the room, the bathtub 'Aquarium' offers a visual window through to a King-sized bed, balcony and views beyond.

Although we're happy about this Aquarium room package, the hotel does have some kinks to work out. Past guest reviews have reported that the rooms smell of cigarette smoke and that the eggs at breakfast are runny and uncooked. But hell, with free WiFi and a deal on this room we will be fine skipping eggs and spraying a little Fabreeze.

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