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November 30, 2006 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

Nine months ago we said Luang Prabang might be the next "it" place, now Sunday Times scribe Nick Middleton is writing about taking the slow boat to LP--sounds like this place is blowing up a bit.

The victorious communists weren't keen on western visitors. But over the past decade, the country has slowly opened. My goal, Luang Prabang, the former royal capital and heart of Buddhism, is the jewel in the Laotian crown. Life on the river passed in slow motion, an effect heightened by the captain cutting his engines each time we approached a smaller boat, saving it from engulfment in our wash.

Granted, the Sunday Times is usually first to break these hot international destinations, however, shortly there after every Williamsburg hipster and their significant other will be planning trips to said destination, and a couple months after that the US travel glossies will be on it, then the guidebooks, then South East Asian Disney will open there.  Ok, ok, maybe we went a little far with that.  Point is, it is time for you to bookmark a decent Luang Probang hotel, just in case.

Enter Grand Luang Prabang--young staff that speaks many languages, breakfast overlooking the Mekong River, just outside of town, mountain views.  Hipsters, unite, come alive for the big fight to rock for you.  In other words, hurry up, this hotel isn't plastered all over Flickr, but it will be soon enough.

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