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Sunset Tower Hotel: Semi-Stream of Consciousness Hollywood Tell-All

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  Site Where: 8358 Sunset Boulevard [map], West Hollywood, CA, United States, 90069
November 20, 2006 at 10:22 AM | by | ()

Time to attempt a new review style, just to mix things up. Our semi-stream of consciousness Suset Tower Hotel review follows the jump.

Check In
Friendly men in purple take the rental away as they smile with incredibly white teeth. Haven't seen hotel help this purple since the Wynn opening. Hollywood enamel may be the best in the world.

Common Areas
The old Argyle hotel is a incredibly fascinating building. Yes, the elevators are slow, but do yourself a favor and explore some of the floors in this property. You could easily find yourself on an old terrace overlooking Sunset Boulevard, or below a ladder that will lead you to further terraces, and even the roof. This building is Grand, that is the only way to put it.

Pool Area
The pool is small and you have to enter through the Terrace Room. However, the pool was not crowded during our visit and the area gets plenty of sun.

Room Reaction
Room 1204 is a 300-350 square foot room that gets plenty of afternoon sun.  Flat panel television hanging on the wall across from the king bed. Old, what appear to be original windows open begrudgingly and there are no screens. Damn, it would be really easy for Iggy Pop to slink his skinny frame through the window (pictured below) and jump down to the pool. However, the pools is 12 stories down, and small, we still doubt he did it--maybe the pool was bigger then.

Closet is big enough to hang a couple suits, bed is big and comfortable, across from the bed, on the side of the room opposite the windows, is a nice sized work desk. The annoyingly short magnetic MacBook Pro power cord actually reaches the nearby desk outlet with room to spare--bonus.  There is also an iHome on the desk, for playing and charging your iPod, though the radio portion of this device didn't seem to work.

The bathroom is good size, the shower big enough for two, and there are robes for your in-room use, if you are into that sort of thing. Kiehl's bath products rule the roost.

This place does what fewer and fewer high end hotels seem to be able to do these days--gets WiFi right. The signal is free and strong wherever you are at the property.  No codes, no obstacles, just log on to the free network and do what you gots to do.

Room Service
Not sure if the food comes from Tower Bar, but the choices are expensive and the burger seemed a bit too complicated--we hit up Carneys across the street and just brought it back up to the room.

We paid $249 a night plus taxes and fees.

Bottom Line
Jeff Klein did an excellent job meshing the old with the new without gutting the soul of this place. You can feel the spirit of Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra--all former residents--while enjoying the fine Egyptian linens, free WiFi, and flat panel television. This is not a Sunset Strip scene hotel, on the contrary it almost feels exclusive, which is hard to do on the Strip.

Archived Comments:

Sunset Tower has come a long way baby

Remember the twilight zone of six TV channels? And I have to say even though Jeff Klein's sister property in NYC, CityClub, has the teeniest rooms and bad views, I still love what he does with his hotels.

Re: Sunset Tower Hotel: Semi-Stream of Consciousne

st james club in 70's so COOL thx for mention of carneys