Holiday Inn Nagasaki Becomes Famous For Strange Pizza

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  Site Where: 6-24 Doza Machi, Nagasaki, Japan, 850
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Atomic Bomb Museum

When you've been in Japan long enough to have done all the ryokan, love hotel and capsule hotel stays and all you want is a normal place to sleep, with a bed above the ground and no garish colors, then something like Nagasaki's Holiday Inn fits the bill. It's situated near the harbor and close to the Atomic Bomb Museum and a bunch of interesting churches from the times when Nagasaki was really the only inch of the border where foreigners could creep in.

It's Japan, so of course the staff are super-polite and friendly, and will do much more than you ask of them. In the right season, fresh mandarins are available at the door to all--we like these small touches. You might want to be careful with the room service, though. The fact that it's only available from 5-10pm could be a blessing to start with, or you might be tempted to indulge in some of the strangest pizzas known to humankind.

Ever thought you'd eat a pizza topped with chilli sauce, shrimp, peas, omelette and brocolli? And that was one of the more edible concoctions. Sure, it's a Western-style hotel, but the staff are still Japanese, so this Holiday Inn could be improved by substituting strange pizzas with ordinary sushi and soba.

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