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'Ugly Betty' Tries to Do Our Job

November 10, 2006 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

Forsaking her lame boyfriend and his trip to Atlantic City, Betty Suarez aka Ugly Betty gets handed a plum writing assignment for Mode magazine--a hotel review (If you don't watch "Ugly Betty" or don't care, then callate!)

So where does Betty stay? In a chic hotel in Soho called Fifty Prince (hmm...sounds familiar, no?) However this is the LA TV set version of SoHo so it's not an actual hotel, although we do think the lobby rips off the Standard on Sunset a bit.

So Betty checks-in and begins to "test" things from the pillows to the hotel restaurant to hotel porn ("Ocean's 11 Inches") to a special in-room masseuse. She even lets her boyfriend crash for the weekend, which for the record, we would never do. Heh.

Because this is Hollywood, they forget that most NYC hotel rooms have horrible views and the that "spectacular view" featured on the show was just totally unreal. But we will admit that Betty has better adjectives in her room descriptions than us.

An endearing Betty moment: tipping the bellhop her MetroCard which has three rides left on it.

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