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DeNiro's Downtown Hotel: The Phone Tapping Sessions

Where: 377-383 Greenwich St [map], New York, ny, United States, 10011
October 11, 2006 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

Our friends over at Curbed are doing a most excellent HoodWatch mini-series on North Tribeca which is the future home of DeNiro's long anticipated Downtown Hotel. Way back in the Blogeozoic era (2004) we started anticipating DeNiro's downtown hospitality treat. We fully expected this place to open its doors by year end, however, yesterday's Curbed entry prompted us to make a call to a source close to the situation.

HotelChatter: Is the Downtown Hotel still opening this year?
Secret Hotel Insider: Soon, I think. I know they are doing interiors now. Did you see those bricks? This is really rude, but they are shit brown are they not?
HotelChatter: We've only seen jpegs, someone said it looks like an overbaked cookie.
Secret Hotel Insider: An overbaked shit cookie.
HotelChatter: Enough. Is it opening soon or not?
Secret Hotel Insider: Let me check.

Long Pause. If we told you who our insider was checking with his or her secret identity would be compromised, and DeNiro would probably send Robert Duvall, Joe Pesci, or Ben Stiller out to strong arm our informant, and we can't have that.

Secret Hotel Insider: It says 2007. (Reads from an official sounding document)
HotelChatter: Harumph--same document as last year, but now it says 2007. We really thought DeNiro wouldn't go Pomeranc on us.
Secret Hotel Insider: Oh, give them a break, it will be open soon enough.

We have updated our New York City Hotel Openings Preview accordingly. Pomeranc is one thing, but et tu, Bobby?

[Photo: Test of Will]

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