K-Fed Knows When to Hold 'Em

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Despite Robin Leach's in-depth report of the Spears-Federline family having a reunion getaway in Las Vegas, everyone's favorite white trash Kevin Federline managed to sneak away for a bit and hit up the Wynn Las Vegas.

One of our readers lets us know that:

K-Fed rolled up in the Wynn at 6pm on Friday night with a big black dude, presumably a bodyguard, and with a scrawny white dude, and was looking around for tables on the gambling floor to sit at. He didn't look as scruffy as he does in the paparazzi pics. He had a neatly trimmed beard and long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He cleans up well, but was smoking a cigarette.

Is it bad that we hate it when K-fed looks good?

Anyhow, Robin Leach does report that because Brit and family decided on a last-minute weekend trip to Vegas, during CES, all rooms were booked at the Palms--her desired lodging.  

So owner George Maloof and family friend finagled an executive's personal suite at the Aladdin. But not before giving the family a tour of his Hardwood suite--complete with a basketball court and lockers--of which Kevin had this to say:

"This is dangerous. I just want to check in and never leave! We're definitely coming back here as soon as possible."

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