Ari Bitches About 60 Thompson

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September 23, 2005 at 2:39 PM | by | ()

Post fashion week hotel review...sort of.

While hundreds of guests gathered in the newly redesigned second-floor Thom Bar at 60 Thom[p]son, Piven insisted on hiding out most of the night at a private table at Kittichai on the first floor.

When he finally showed up to fulfill his obligation, Lowdown overheard him whining to his publicist: "I've stayed in other rooms in this hotel, and my room is the smallest. I measured it, and the room is 11 inches smaller than my bed at home."

As we know, even when you splurge for the larger rooms at 60 Thompson, you are still gonna find them kinda cramped.

Oh, and Ari, dude, next time you want to vent about your hotel, bypass your publicist and send your hotel rants our way--we live for that stuff.

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