Jessica Simpson Army Strikes at the Bryant Park Hotel

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August 9, 2005 at 3:07 PM | by | ()

When JetSetLara bedded down at the Bryant Park Hotel late last week she had no idea what was in store for her.

After a late night out she was looking forward to sleeping in, when she was suddenly roused at 7am by the brain-rattling screams of teenage girls--fans of Jessica Simpson Lachey Duke. Yup, the same people that buy terrible Jessica Simpson albums, and line up for terrible Jessica Simpson movies, follow her to Bryant Park for an early morning lip synch fest.

I wonder if the phone call I received in the middle of the night and the door bell ringing by some kids on Thursday evening was by overenthusiastic fans...

Mz. Simpson was putting on an early morning Bryant Park concert for Good Morning America and her fans were everywhere. Furthermore, Jess was staying in the suite right below Lara--so yes, Lara was on top of Jessica Simpson for a night. Luckily Lara is now in London, where people are much more civilized.

Oh, about her favorite boutique hotel in NYC Lara adds:

It's nothing too fancy, but feels like a home away from home. The pics are from the corner suite. Some art on the wall and a better hairdryer would have made me absolutely happy...

JetSetLara posted a bunch of corner suite photos from her stay here.

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Archived Comments:

Bryant Park hotel

I really like many parts of the Bryant Park -- the location, the underground bar with vaulted ceilings, the lobby, and the bathrooms are good (not as good as 60 Thompson, but whose are?) -- but the rooms always seem a bit dirty, a bit worse for the wear. I.e., scuds on the walls, little nasty bits on the cashmere blankets, etc.

Is it just me? The we're-too-cool-to-put-art-on-the-wall approach doesn't help.