Top Five Las Vegas Hotel Sports Books: #2

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The Wynn is by far the nicest sports book in Las Vegas. If I had to die in a sports book while rooting for my team, this would be the place. Like everything else about the Wynn, the sports book is all about luxury and amenities. It's like an exclusive club that, somehow, you can get into. The place is large and airy with the best displays of all the casinos. Each of the private booths had flat screen monitors and a comfortable leather chair. Cocktail service is available and you can order food from the adjacent restaurant and they'll bring it to you. You want to talk X factor? The Wynn has the most attractive waitresses we saw all day. Yes, these things are important to us.

So why isn't the Wynn the #1 sports book on our list? The odds are mediocre. Of all the sports books we visited, the Wynn was ranked near the bottom in terms of futures book.  For example, the Wynn had the Twins winning the World Series at 8-1 when most other places had at least 12-1 odds on that bet.  If you're putting down $100, that extra few hundred is a big difference.   Still, with the luxuriousness of the Wynn, it's almost easy to overlook the difference in payout.

Ratings (out of 5)

Odds: 2.5
Decor: 5
Food/Drink: 4
Displays: 5
X Factor: 5

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