Top Five Las Vegas Hotel Sports Books

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January 2010: Five years later, we've done an update on the Best Sportsbooks in Vegas.

An Exclusive Feature Story From HotelChatter & SportsColumn

[Publisher's note:  HotelChatter has teamed up with Hotel Maven and SportsColumn head honcho VinD to conjure up a list of the best hotel sports books in Vegas--just in time for NFL kickoff. The list will be complete by the end of the day. Enjoy.]

When the founding fathers spoke of inalienable rights, I'm pretty sure they meant to include betting on sports as one of them.

If your idea of time well spent is watching the game on a huge screen while holding a betting slip as you talk trash to your buddy, then you must make a pilgrimage to Las Vegas. In a town of sin and sex, we'd like to add sports to the mix.

Like everything else vying for your dollars in Vegas, it's worth shopping around. But who wants to trek up and down the strip looking for the best sports book in Vegas? Not you. You have money to win and dancers to put through college. So, we've done the leg work for you. We rated each of the Vegas sports books on odds (why put down money on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl at 20-1 at the Luxor when you can get 30-1 at Mandalay Bay?), decor, food and drink, displays (televisions and display boards), and an X factor.  The X factor can be anything from really attractive service staff to ambience to availability of different wagers.

Top 5 Best Sports Books In Las Vegas
#5: The Local Sports Bar
#4: The Underrated All-Star
#3: Willie Mays Hayes
#2: Rookie of the Year
#1: Caesars wins again

Dishonorable Mention: The Worst Sports Book in Vegas

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