Temporary Hotel Design

Where: Montreal, QC, Canada
July 18, 2005 at 2:53 PM | by | ()

Montreal architecture students Lee Ferguson and Jonathan Whittaker have concocted a 26-room "temporary" concept hotel called "The Ten Year Hotel."  The theory is when it gets old you can change the design, or scrap it all together. Here is how the design students explain it:

This project is a temporary approach to hotel design. Temporality refers to the condition of being temporal and bounded by time. In what we deemed to be a changing part of Saint Laurent Boulevard, in which the conditions that exist now very likely will not be the conditions that exist five years from now, our site response has been to consruct a highly functional but ultimately temporary hotel complex.

Discarded shipping containers serve as self sufficient rooms and are suspended from the steel beams that support the structure.

There is also some sort of sunken bar/concert area that allows passersby to experience the hotel.

We have so many questions. Will this ever get built? What about heating? Is this just pre-fab strip mall bullshit, or does this concept have legs?

Sounds like a cool idea to us.

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