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Century House: The Innkeeper and The Cast of Wings

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  Site Where: 10 Cliff Road [map], Nantucket, MA, United States, 02554
June 30, 2005 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

If you are like us you totally forgot the show existed, but when we showed up at the Century House and spotted a photo of Innkeeper Gerry with the cast of Wings, it all came together.

If you remember the show you will remember it took place on Nantucket, and of course us bringing this up is apropos of absolutely nothing.

The Century House is another Nantucket Inn located on "Inn Row", convenient to town and the beaches, yet far enough away to get a good nights sleep.

The Inn's location, personality, fresh fruit breakfast, and free WiFi, were enough for us, but as you know, these Nantucket B&B's are filled with stories.

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The thing about TripAdvisor, is sometimes you have a situation where you have to sift through some extremely polarized commentary. In the case of the Century House, you have an equal mix of good and bad reviews, both equally over-the-top.

Example of a suspiciously good review:

My husband and I just booked our third stay at the Century House. The innkeepers are very accommodating, kind and helpful. They seem to really love the Century House. We enjoyed listening to them telling us about the history of the inn and how it is the only continuously operating guest house since 1800's! Maybe this is why some people may not understand its value.

An example of an over-the-top bad review:

Late the first afternoon we were there, we left our room and in the interest of exploring, went out an unlocked screen door to an outside stairway. When we were 5 steps from the bottom, an older woman appeared out of nowhere and shouted "You can't come this way! It's the emergency exit! You must go back up the stairs." She had a crazed look in her eye like a mad serial killer. Since we had never seen her, our first question was "Who are you?" "I'm the inn keeper" she responded. "OK we assure you, we won't use this exit again but we're only five steps from the bottom so we're coming down this once." As we descended the next step, she lunged up the first stair with a body language suggesting she was preparing for a physical confrontation and repeated "No, you must go back up." I thought I had stepped into the script of a Stephen King movie.

We found the truth to be somewhere in between, isn't it always? But then again, that is just our opinion.

The decoration was haphazard--a mishmash of stuff that looked a bit like a Greenwich Village antique shop. And yes, there were weird portraits of the owners all over the place, but hey, if you go to one of these B&B's you gotta expect to meet some characters, right? The proprietor was a great character with some interesting stories. For the record, we didn't encounter a crazy lady during our stay, but we also didn't venture down any back staircases.

The service we received was top notch. Gerry hired what appear to be a couple Eastern European girls to help him out, and one in particular was very friendly--even though we checked in around 10pm at night--after the innkeeper had retired for the evening.

The rooms are not large, by any stretch of the imagination, nor is the breakfast area very roomy, but remember, at the end of the day you are staying inside a residence--this is a Bed & Breakfast, not a Hyatt, so we were not expecting giant rooms.

We were impressed with the lack of noise in our second floor room, Rosebud. We were sure that every creak and squeak would be heard well into the wee hours of the night, but that was not the case, we slept soundly and didn't hear a thing. Maybe we spend too much time at the Club Car Lounge the night before, and our sound sleep was a byproduct of altered state, however, our advice would be to ask for an upper floor room and you shouldn't have any noise issues to deal with.

The Inn was nice enough to put us up for the weekend, gratis. Hey, we had to stay somewhere while we were touring the island reviewing accommodations for y'all--we are glad it was at the Century House.

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