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Yes, we realize we are obsessed with our own obsession, however, a new super resort opens in Vegas about as often as a solar eclipse, right? Of course, that justifies absolutely nothing...oh well. In any event, the Wynn tipsters keep filling our mailbox here at HotelChatter headquarters, and we welcome their involvement.

According to an anonymous Wynn insider the keys to the success, or failure, of Wynn Las Vegas will be the resorts pricing structure and the golf course.

What is interesting about Wynn is their price-you-out strategy. Steve Wynn is trying to make sure his resort remains exclusive by pricing the mid and low tier customer out of the resort. Furthermore, the golf course gives the resort a huge advantage.

Sure it is $500 for a round, but a PGA pro will play with you, and make you feel like a rock star on the course, where else in Vegas can you have an experience like that? Not everyone will be able to afford the prices, but you can bet the whales will be there in full force. Especially the Japanese contingent that loves to golf big and bet bigger."

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