Wynn Las Vegas, It's All About The Pool

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May 2, 2005 at 5:45 AM | by | ()

The pool is amazing. If you are looking for that one reason to stay at Wynn Las Vegas, it would have to be to gain access to the guests only pool area.

It is like the Vegas version of Versailles, with cabanas, flat screen televsions, and fake grass.

Unlike some Vegas pools, the Wynn pool is not a meat parade, nor is it a design afterthought, the pool is the defining feature of the property and the property's one "can't miss."

The crowd today was very mixed. Families, couples, single girls and guys, old folks, young folks.

There is a large main pool, a bar, and behind the bar a "European" sunbathing area where another pool sits.

Believe it or not, when you sauntered over to the "European" side, you were treated to folks speaking French, Spanish, and other European languages. Maybe the European contingent here at Wynn thought the resort was practicing some sort of segregation, or maybe those folks just naturally gravitated to the back pool.

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Wynn Las Vegas, It's All About The Pool

The pool area looks beautiful.  Did you happen to see the private pool area that is only for the guests who are staying in the Tower Rooms/Suites?  If so, how does it look?

Tower Pool

The tower pool is above the main pool.  I saw it, but as soon as I went to walk around the pool the nice guys in purple suits explained that this level was for the tower guests only, thus my regular level key card was not sufficient entry barter.

The Tower pool looks really similar, but it is even more exclusive.