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May 2, 2005 at 3:25 AM | by | ()

Live from Las Vegas...HotelChatter is blogging Wynn for next 24 hours. Well, actually, we only have about six hours left here in Vegas, but you get the drift.

Did you really think we would let the Wynn Las Vegas open without checking things out for y'all?

Apparently when Wynn gave a media "exclusive" to Vanity Fair he forgot that the year was 2005, not 1985. We can pay the $219 rate like every other guest (yeah, that was the lowest rate) and *blog* Wynn.

Wait, maybe Wynn didn't forget about blogging, maybe the mere utterance of the silly world "blog" makes Steve Wynn let out a giant guffaw--we would certainly understand.

In any event...HotelChatter has sent me out here to spend 24 hours at Wynn Las Vegas and blog what we see. So without further ado, let the blogging begin.

Yes, yes, I realize if your browser was a radio we would currently be breaking down the proverbial fourth wall, however, since some of the Wynn reports are based on my own personal experiences here at Wynn, I will be blogging in the first person on occasion as we enter the small hours of the morning. K?

Archived Comments:

Wynn Casino not for gamblers

Called well before getting into Las Vegas and was told by host that I would be in a salon suite on and RFB based on my play.  Arrange a credit line for me, and my wife sets one up as well. Combined we have $100K to play with on our 3 day stay. We're not whales but we put in 6 hours a day easy with me at $500.oo avg BJ and my wife at $25.00 video poker

We pay our air for two roundtrip 1st class from NYC and we can't wait to get to the new Wynn.

I call back three days before we're to get there and the host I spoke to does not even know who I am but the credit department sure does as they OK'd our lines and verified our play in other casinos.

The host was clueless and told me that $500 as an average bet was not enough for them.... never mind that my wife plays $25.00 video poker for like 6 hours a sitting.

Who the hell do these people think they are?

If anyone out there is a player, I say stay away from these people, as the Wynn has forgotten all about what it is to build relationships.  They sounded so stuck up on the phone and said they wanted at least a $1000.00 per hand for an RFB

Is this a reflection of Steve Wynn?  Is this what Wynn is all about?  Is that why eveything in each room is for sale?

If 500.00 a hand BJ players and $25.00 video poker plays are too low life for them, they are going to have a very empty casino.

So for the record.... The Wynn is the worst casino I NEVER stayed at. <ROFL>

Has anyone else found this casino to be out of their cotton pick'n minds?