So What Is A Wynn Room Like?

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The low end rooms at Wynn, which start at a high end price of $219, are really not all that impressive.

First, it is really hard to get comfortable in a room covered in an interesting shade of pinkish orange.

Second, with quotes like this on the Wynn website, "Michaleangelo took four years to complete the Sistine Chapel, your room took five", the room was really going to have to impress. Alas, room 5559 just isn't living up to the stratospheric expectations Wynn set. Whatever happened to under promise, over deliver?

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From room 5559, I do have an incredible view of the strip out of my floor-to-ceiling windows. Furthermore, I can see the man-made Wynn mountain and waterfall, as well a group of what must be high end Wynn "villas", which appear to have their own pool. It is quite possible that the higher priced rooms are completely impressive, however, for my money, the Venetian and THE Hotel both offer better rooms at or below the current Wynn price point.

A pre-opening Wynn report said that the room's flat screen televisions were not in optimal viewing position, however, I would argue that the televisions are in a fine position. They pull out so you can view the television from the bed, straight on, or you can place the television flush to the wall and watch tv from the couch. It is also worth noting that Gateway HD LCDs are the televisions of choice throughout the Wynn, and these panels are some of the crispest I have ever set eyes on.

It isn't that there is anything visibly wrong with these rooms, I would just change the Wynn website copy a bit.


It's easy to mistake any of our rooms and suites for a stylish apartment in New York City, London or Rome.

To this:

It's easy to mistake any of our rooms for a traditional condo in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, or Winterhaven.

Archived Comments:

Executive Suite at Wynn Las Vegas

May 23, 2005 Executive suite (3 nights) with his/hers bathrooms; most comfortable bed we have ever slept in.  Food and service at Alex, Bartalotta, and Corsa were terrific and worth every cent.  We enjoyed the breakfast buffet also.  Be careful not to touch the snacks in your room.  Merely picking them up triggers a sensor and you are charged!  At check-out time the keyboard in our room did not have battery so I had to check-out at the desk.  Good thing I had my confirmation with my $500 room rate!  I was billed for $600!  No apologies, just a shrug when I showed my reservation receipt.  I'm sure many have paid the higher rate.  We left a voice mail to a manager about this and another issue of upsetting miscommunication between a pit boss and restaurant line manager.  So far it's been 4 days and no response.  So much for Wynn's customer service, even for someone in one of his suites. We loved Le Reve.  Be sure to book resaurant and show reservations early as possible!  Overall, I would stay there again; hopefully some of the problems will have been worked out.

Re: So What Is A Wynn Room Like?

As I guess with a lot of people, I always book online and always book direct with the hotel.

We visit Vegas every year and thought we'd give the Wynn a try this year so I went to their website today and couldn't believe how bad the site is.

Whoever thought a Flash web site with a scrolling nav bar was a good idea should be fired. I left their site pronto and we'll be staying at the Venetian again - talk about an own goal Mr Wynn.