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May 2, 2005 at 3:51 AM | by | ()

As I made my way from McCarron to Wynn Las Vegas, my cabbie and I engaged in a conversation about Wynn Las Vegas, here is a paraphrased version:

Cabbie: Where you headin'?

Me: Wynn

Cabbie: You're my first Wynn.

Cabbies Wynn Tips Post Jump.

Me: Makes sense, today is the first day regular folks can stay there.

Cabbie: I am worried about traffic on Fashion [Blvd] near Wynn. That place has been crazy since Thursday when thousands of people lined up to get in to the lobby--mostly Asians.

Me: Gawkers?

Cabbie: Nope, the Asians are very serious gamblers and they believe that when a new casino opens the casino may set their slots a bit high, you know, 40%, 50%, instead of 30% winning percentages. In order to make people think winning is a real possibility.

Me: Huh. So what is the early word on Wynn, do you think it will steal business from surrounding hotels?

Cabbie: Mmm. A bit from the Mirage, the Venetian, Mandalay, you know, the upscale joints. Word is Wynn is elegant...I guess. All I know is traffic is a mess over there because of the curb cut, and the rumor is Steve Wynn already has a deal in place to sell his interest in the property to his partners.

Me: Really?

Cabbie: Yeah, he is just the idea guy. He is already on to his next project I'm sure.

Me: I will walk from here, the traffic isn't moving at all.

Cabbie: Yup, and I gotta sit in it. Have fun at Wynn.

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