Model Sniffing Dogs At Wynn

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[Editor's Note: A little Friday reading for y'all. We are publishing one of the many personal Wynn experience emails we have received in the last couple of weeks. We are publishing this email close to verbatim. If you haven't guessed already, it is the bomb/model sniffing dog story that caught our attention (email in italics). Enjoy.]

Subject: My Wynn Experience
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 7:49 PM
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Since I was a former member of the hugely popular "Old Vegas" styled casino, The Desert Inn, I was ecstatic to find out that both myself and my partner Jo had been given a choice of three separate dates to choose from for the grand opening month to experience the new Wynn Las Vegas for FREE! So we booked one room in our name and one room in her boss Athena's name who was driving from LA with her best pal Sue.

Jo and I were so excited that we booked early morning flights (feats for the two of us night owls resembling Vampires) from Sunday through Tuesday. When we arrived in Vegas, we did as we always do and avoided the taxi lines and headed to our hotel in a town car. This was one of the better ideas since not only was it just a couple of dollars more traveling in style but our driver knew the VIP entrance to the hotel which didn't take the current drive in time of an hour for most in the usual front entrance as Athena and Sue experienced. Not only did we get to see the back of the hotel complete with gorgeous newly planted flowers, trees and Astroturf, but we got to see the Hotel's working dogs in action, sniffing through some foreign looking model-esque woman whose suitcase was wide open to both the dog and the guards.

The hotel was buzzing with activity from tourists, check-ins and staff alike. When we finally made it past the casino to check in, our lovely hostess was courteous and sincerely pleasant. The setup was just a matter of 20 minutes, tops, and we were given our room key that also acts a player key. It can be used over and over anytime you come back to the Wynn. As we headed to our room to unwind we noticed we were placed in a non-smoking room instead of a smoking room. I quickly called the front desk to let them know there was a mistake. No problem, they quickly re-assigned us to our new room over the phone without having to go back down stairs. When we arrived to our room, we were truly mesmerized with the floor to ceiling windowed view of the Vegas strip complete with automatic curtains right by bedside. Our room was done in a warm chocolate brown textured wallpaper and a huge extremely comfortable King sized bed in the middle. The room also was complete with sofa as well as desk, table and chairs for an in room dining option which we did on our first morning. Some VERY tasty options on the room service menu!

Some of the room's selling points were not only the hi-definition TV screen in the bedroom area that moved from wall to out towards the bed, but a TV as well in the nicely sized marbled bathroom. Decadence at it's best! The bathroom was a highlight with separate marbled tub and glassed shower, a two sink console with a seating area in between both sinks complete with chair and lighted mirror. The toilet was off to the side in it's own enclosed area. The towels as well as the slippers and robes all made for an enjoyable highly relaxing stay. Why would anyone want to leave their rooms?! By the 2nd day I did! The main TV broke down and was never fixed throughout our stay. And after 3-4 times of informing hospitality, engineering and front desk alike, no one ever came out to repair this new TV. Fine, we had other things to do such as eat and gamble!

The first night of our stay I had made early reservations for SW Steakhouse and Alex. I was told on the phone it SW resembled Prime at the Bellagio and Alex resembled Picasso. I was eager to have my usual medium Filet Mignon complete with recommended wine from the sommelier. Prime is my all time favorite Vegas Steak House so I was encouraged to experience a restaurant of this magnitude. When we arrived at SW, the decor was nice but not as elegant as Prime. The main feature at SW was the now famous water fountain feature just outside on the patio that has statues of people standing in the water. Every so often a projection is screened on the water feature to give the diners and watchers above the restaurant, a show. This night was my least favorite of my two dining experiences. When my steak arrived, it was not the medium I had asked for so sent the steak back to be cooked longer. When it arrived the second time, it looked like a different piece of steak and again, I was shocked to find that it was still pretty red and cold in the middle - not a normal medium preparation. On the third time I could have sworn that my steak had been micro waved since the taste was completely different and the plate was hot. I was extremely disappointed in this experience. The waiter took my filet off of the check but it did not matter as I was not satisfied with my meal. This is part of why I come to Vegas. Not only to gamble, see shows and relax by pool, spa or room, but to experience all of the fabulous fine dining in Vegas. This was to be my first true disappointment with my visit - well, besides the TV in my room not working.

On our second evening dining we had finally found Nirvana. We chose Alex which is titled Riviera cuisine to resemble the food and dining of the French Riviera. Alex was exactly what I was hoping for as a true dining experience. The atmosphere exuded elegance with it's tall vaulted rich brown mahogany ceilings, gorgeous draperies and swatches as well as a staircase any princess would adore coming from the bar up top down the middle of  the formal dining area. Our waiter Mike was highly impressive as he knew about Jo's food allergy so was very informed on her extreme diet due to celiac. Of course he would know I told her. In this kind of setting, the chef as well as the staff are informed of all kinds of food allergies and issues. They could substitute anything on the menu if asked, and they did! Both our friend Sue and myself ordered the prix fix menu. Too Die For! These were absolutely the best amazingly prepared dishes the chef created. And being the wine whore that I am, my meals came with the sommelier recommended wines per each of the 5 courses. Divine! Excellent pairings per each experience. And the sommelier was sweet and cute too as "She" is one of the small but ever growing female sommeliers in the country! I will definitely be back to this jewel of a restaurant again... of course, when I Win at Wynn since the bill nearly knocked our fine dining socks off. Go figure when doing it up right!

Of course winning at Wynn was not to be for Jo and I. I love craps and was not able to play very long due to crapping out quickly on the $10-25 tables. The machines were ideal since you could find a great play every now and then, especially on the Wynn progressive machine which seemed to entertain and keep you in play for an extended amount of time. Jo and I finally decided to forgo the Wynn for more suitable gambling options so headed across the street to that cesspool called The Frontier. It was here where I could finally play the $5 table of craps. Finally, my experience was complete and my wallet happy!

It won't be until another time however when I can write more on this mega resort since I did NOT get to experience the pool, the spa or much of the shopping vicinity - I am cursing to myself now! Of course I only have myself to blame for not doing these activities while getting the FREE stay experience at Wynn. I guess I should have but how NICE of Mr. Wynn to offer this experience to us!


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