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P. Diddy's Penguin Party Piques PETA

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February 25, 2005 at 11:49 AM | by | Comments (0)

This Hotel Victor opening just keeps getting better.

According to the Miami Herald, last weekends Hotel Victor opening party, which we earlier told you included Victoria Prado and a circus-style motorcycle wheel of death, also included a six pack of scared, cowering penguins.

Loud music, strobe lights, rings of fire with motorcycles jumping through them--hmm--this doesn't sound like the kind of environment we see penguins in on the National Geographic Channel.

PETA must have "snout tapped penguins" queued up as a Google news alert, because they are already all over this one.

Page Six is reporting that P.Diddy, the parties host is now in the midst of a hate mail storm--PETA style.

P.Diddy's Claims Of Innocence Post Jump...

P.Diddy is claiming, while he was the party "host", he had nothing to do with the penguin angle, or the hotel for that matter. Combs did not order the penguins, nor did he likely see them, as he only made a brief appearance in a roped-off VIP room inside the hotel.

The perpetrator? A man who goes by Barton G. Mr. G has come forward, and not only admitted to arranging the penguin boxing, but also added that he is quite proud of his animal antics. So tell us Baron G., why is it again that snout taped penguins in a box is a good idea for a SoBe hotel opening bash?

It was because of the hotel's interior design, the black and white. If it wasn't a zebra, it had to be penguins.

Oh, that's right, the hotel's interior design calls out for snout taped penguins or zebras, got it. He goes on to say:

'I would never jeopardize an animal. I try to use them as forms of education.''

Some sort of bird spokeswoman added this gem:

'They were raised for this type of work, and they love what they do.''

P.Diddy, PETA, penguins, and Prado--we have to get down to this hotel post haste.

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