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[Publisher's Note: Our Las Vegas correspondent johnkeats, is always on top of the latest hotel goings-on out in the desert. So expect HotelChatter to be all Wynn all the time for the next couple of months. After all, we are suckers for anything big, bright, shiny, and new.]

Interested in working for the new Wynn casino? Join the club.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Wynn Las Vegas executives say nearly half of the front-line workers at Bellagio, Treasure Island and The Mirage, about 22,000 in all, have applied for work at the Strip's newest golden resort.

As with all things Vegas, everything is done in a back room, and everyone has dirt on everyone--is that the way everything is done in Vegas?

In any event, this we know, there has been talk that computer experts from competing Strip properties have attempted to tap into the computer database at Wynn Las Vegas to determine who has applied for jobs at the new hotel-casino.

Why Wynn? He is the boulevard's most charismatic CEO, a union-friendly boss who offers first-rate pay and benefits. Nearly 100,000 people have applied to work at the $2.5 billion Wynn Las Vegas. Just 10,000 will be hired by the time of the megaresort's scheduled April 28 opening.

Can't believe you missed this one Burnett, you must have been too busy with your silly "Book Smarts vs Street Smarts" story boards.

According to reports, like any boss Wynn can be naughty or nice. Seems like when he gets angry he likes to really berate folks with curse words and name calling.

Does he ever regret some of his past exchanges, the ones with the angry epithets?

"If I ever said anything to anyone in the heat (of discussion) it was probably because I was right." Wynn says.

Queue up Las Vegans, your dream job is waiting.

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