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Casino impresario Steve Wynn is leaving nothing to chance at his new $2.7 billion mega-resort in Las Vegas.

RFID devices will be added to the Wynn chips in order to signal secret serial numbers to casino computers, which in turn, will keep track of who is betting what, who owes what to who, and who is trying to count cards. Furthermore, looks like spurious chips won't be a factor at Wynn Vegas--kinda difficult to copy a computerized casino chip. Take that you casino cheats!

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At Wynn, each table will come equipped with dealer displays, which help casinos keep games honest. With antennas placed under each player's spot at the table, dealers can take a quick inventory of chips that have been wagered at the push of a button.

Despite all the promises of RFID, few casinos have yet to put it to use (Hard Rock is working on it). The cost of implementing high tech tables is around $8,000 per table, Progressive Gaming's Richards said. That's just for the chips and readers, and doesn't include the extra computers and networking equipment.

As we all know, new technology always spurns new crime, so what new criminals will RFID casino chips beget? RFID reading thieves, guesses News.com. Crooks could by an RFID reader and start scanning potential mugging victims, getting a quick calculation before they strike their victims.

We have our doubts--are you really worried about a mugger that needs to scan you first? What happens if his scanner doesn't pick up your chip total? Does the mugger call down to aisle six for a price check?

Wynn opens April 28. 2005.

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