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Chateau Marmont is Not For Sale

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November 2, 2005 at 10:44 AM | by | ()

According to the NY Post, Andre Balazs is considering selling Chateau Marmount.

Gazillionaire, Mams Mesforoush, Lara Flynn Boyle's X, is said to be the suitor. Rumor is, Mesforoush is offering in the neighborhood of $45 million for the 67 room Jessica Simpson hang out. This Mesforoush dude must be really wealthy, because he yields zero results in Google.

Balazs reportedly recently turned down a lowball bid from Soho House, saying, and we quote, "The Chateau Marmot is not for sale."

We have no idea if Balazs spoke with blogger Jarvis over IM, concerning the potential Chateau sale, but if he did, we are guessing the conversation went something like this:

Jarvis: So, should I ask?

Balazs: Whether we're for sale? No. Fucking. Way.  And I can still say "Fucking".  Because we're not part of some soul-stifiling conglomerate.

And by soul-stifiling conglomerate, we are sure Andre would be referring that not so exclusive group called "Lara Fynn's Xs"--if any of this was true.

On a side note: Soho Club tried to buy Chateau Marmont? No. Fucking. Way.

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