Suicide Bombers Attack Three Hotels in Amman

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November 10, 2005 at 4:07 PM | by | ()

A wedding ended in tragedy last night at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amman, Jordan when a suicide bomber believed to be linked to Al Qaeda attacked, killing at least 56 people, including the fathers of both the bride and the groom and at least one American.

Two other hotels, the Grand Hyatt Amman and Days Inn Amman, also suffered attacks.  In a sick correlation, the attacks happened on November 9, a date written in the Middle East as 9/11, since the day is written before the month.

While Jordanians are stunned at the attacks by Muslims on fellow Muslims, Jordan is one of the United States' closest allies in the Middle East. According to CNN, a statement was posted on an Al Qaeda website declaring:

"After studying the targets and watching, we chose the places to carry the mission on some of the hotels, which the Jordanian dictator turned into a backyard for the enemies of faith -- the Jews and the Crusaders."

This is a sad reminder that it's still necessary to exercise caution when traveling in the Middle East, American or not.

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