Dios Mios, Lapa Rios

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·   No Telephones
·   No Televisions
·   No Internet
·   No Air Conditioning

That's not all, when you ask the staff if they spray for bugs the answer will be a resounding, "NO".

While this may sound eerily like a David Spade/Capital One commercial, we are actually talking about an ecotourism resort in Costa Rica called Lapa Rios, and the staff doesn't say "no" to everything.

Conservation, culture, bio-diverstiy, saving the rain forest, all will get a positive response at Lapa Rios. As will supporting the local economy, and being a good "tourism" citizen.

Lapa Rios is in a hard-to-get-to part of Costa Rica, however, the resort will help you with transportation, and once you get there, your vacation will be about education and activity, not laziness and booze, so choose wisely.

Ok, now that we have weeded out all the sluggish alcoholics, let's clue you in on a resort that Conde Naste regularly puts on all their lists. Lapa Rios sits on 1,000 acres of protected, unspoiled rainforest. The destination consists of 16 bungalows with palm thatched roofs, and filled with bamboo furniture.

So what do you do here that doesn't disturb nature? Hike, sea kayak, surf, ride wild horses, and eat. Lapa Rios is so proud of their food they publish and sell their own cookbook.

Once you get sick of searching for dart frogs and identifying rare monkey species' you can get off your ass and build a school for a local community and create a land trust while you are on your honeymoon, or special vacation. No, we are serious. These are some of the activities some guests get involved in.

Type A all the way. We would go just to see if we could find that cute little spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Maybe that dinosaur is lurking in the Costa Rican rain forest and will spit in your face if you don't accomplish enough on your "vacation".

Nah, there is no reason why you couldn't go to Lapa Rios and surf everyday. This place looks absolutely gorgeous.

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