Paris Hilton and Tara Reid party at the Palms' Ghost Bar

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August 16, 2004 at 7:06 AM | by | ()

We found ourselves at Ghost Bar late Friday the 13th and early Saturday morning.

The highlight of the night?   Watching Paris Hilton and Tara Reid party like rock stars and dance like, well...white girls.  

One dude, who was also watching these tarts perform turned to us and said,

"Man, isn't it amazing they have all that money, but they still can't dance".

Despite being discombopulated, Paris and Tara looked hot, were guarded by Maloof's goons, and for the most part seemed to be drinking, dancing, and talking on their cell phones. (How could they possibly hear anything, it was so loud in there).

Every once in a while the blonde bombshells would leave their stash of Belvedere to run out into the crowd of "regular folks" and bring a stray back into their lair.  Maybe that was the point of all the cell phone chatter?

Rumor is Nicole Richie was with them, but we didn't spend any time looking for her.

Is there any doubt the Palms is the hottest resort in Vegas right now?  

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Archived Comments:

Paris and Tinkerbell

I'm surprised that with the loss of her darling Tinkerbell, she might have mourned a little:



Seems like good 'ole Paris is skimping on the reward cash don't ya think?  Guarantee her group dropped more than that at Ghost.

Re: Paris Hilton and Tara Reid party at the Palms'

OH that's hilarious...she wasn't skimping...she's so out-of-touch with reality that she literally thinks $1000 would dramatically improve one of us paupers' lives. HA! i LOVE it! what a bimbo