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Nicky Hilton Marries in Las Vegas

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August 16, 2004 at 7:07 AM | by | ()

Hotel heiress Nicky Hilton, 20, decided to have a wedding in Las Vegas at around 2:30 am Sunday morning, according to court records obtained by AP. She was staying at the Palms, as a special guest of George Maloof, during the Stuff Magazine party at the resort.

Your friendly neighborhood HotelChatter was also at the Stuff party, but we stayed away from the chapels, and hung out at Ghost Bar, thank you very much.

Didn't see Nicky up at Ghost, because, umm, according to the AP she is only 20?

The lucky groom? Todd Andrew Meister, 33, some sort of New York money manager. He will have quite a portfolio on his arm, after this weekend.

We didn't catch the odds on "hours to annulment", but they must be up on a big board somewhere in Vegas.

Coincidently, Saturday morning, a HotelChatter reader spotted the raven haired Hilton roaming the casino floor. He reportedly shouted to her, “Hey that's Paris Hilton's sister!” Not only does poor Nicky have to deal with not getting any love from the press, she has to stomach drunken fools screaming that she's not Paris Hilton in hotel lobbies.

After audibly digesting the reader's comment, Nicky, allegedly, looked shocked, confused, and bothered. Is it any wonder she married Todd Andrew Meister a scant 10 hours later.

Does anyone else think George Maloof should be searched for roofies? We are obviously just kidding, but how else does he get both Brtney Spears and a Hilton sister to perform a shotgun wedding while staying at his hotel, all in the same year...hmm….something doesn’t jive…

What a weekend for the Palms, once again cementing itself as the resort of the moment in Vegas.

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