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Taxi Driver in on TriBeCa Upscale Hotel Project

July 6, 2004 at 2:39 PM | by | ()

[via Cubed]

Deniro, Drukier & Born: Sounds like a law firm doesn't it?  However, in this case we are talking about a newly minted hotel development partnership.

According to the NY Times, Robert DeNiro has partnered with Manhattan hotel moguls (Maritime & Mercer) Drukier + Born and will develop a hotel in TriBeCa.

The hotel, which has not yet been named, will be "very upscale," Mr. Born said, "with many very large suites." He said it would be designed for people who have to relocate to New York for a period of months -- such as actors making a movie in the city.

Sure beats the Residence Inn, but we are guessing this hotels prospective clientele would just buy a Manhattan apartment for a three-month shoot.  So I guess it sure beats dropping a mil on a swank apartment.

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