The Mansion at MGM Grand

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[Publishers Note:
When it comes to naming the clientele that frequents the Mansion at MGM, it is strictly hush hush.

Whales with names, or at least whales with more money than god, those are the folks who can claim a key card at this joint.

The Mansion at MGM is unlike the rest of Vegas, for this is not a place to see and be seen, instead, this property is where you go to duck away from it all, and get treated like royalty.

So who gets inside this most exclusive of exclusive Vegas resorts? HotelChatter’s very own, johnkeats. ]

Take it away johnkeats:

I have been invited a few times to the Mansion at MGM Grand.

The Mansion opened in May 1999 and showcases 29 private villas ranging from 2,400 square feet to 12,000 square feet. The Mansion is available to invited guests only (i.e. million dollar players).

Modeled after an 18th century Tuscan villa, the 290,000-square-foot structure houses villas all richly decorated in a mix of casual and elegant furnishings.

When they are not relaxing in the luxury of their own room, guests can take advantage of the seven major public areas located throughout the Mansion. However, guests probably never want to leave their rooms (except to play at the tables) when everything they could possibly want is in the rooms or can be brought to the rooms by Mansion butlers.

See you at the Mansion.

Archived Comments:

Re: The Mansion at MGM Grand

I stayed overnight, in 1999, at the MGM Grand Mansion.  Oh, what a fortunate person was I.  Luxury unlimited.  Beautiful decor. My bathroom was ginormous with the biggest shower I'd ever seen, well, enough room for at least 8 people. Fresh flowers, (rosebuds), everywhere, even in the 'smallest room in the house', plus telephone and pen/notepaper, just incase!!!!!  Music room, with grand piano and bar.  So much to take in on such a short visit, but I can remember every detail. Even the 'drapes' and the 'sheers', (curtains and nets to us in England).  Press a button and the sheers glide open and shut.  Orchids, growing in pots, on my desk......yes, I even had my own office area.......my bed was scrumptious and the linen was a dream.  Silk, most likely.....bathrobe and shower shoes on my bed, plus a box of hand-made chocolate cigars, in an edible hand-made chocolate box - yes, really.  I still have two cigars left in my frige, they're eight years old now - oh, and there were delicacies from the Patisserie....hand-made, small, shaped biscuit/cakes, which I ate there and then. The staff were on-hand at all times, and I even had my own lift pass.....A brief, but unforgettable stay at THE very best hotel in the world. I took many photos, knowing, I suppose, that I'd never 'pass that way again'......Being under a huge glass roof, as the Spanish garden area was, gave an impression of being secure and totally safe.  The whole experience was, for me, a bit overwhelming, but, I can still remember it and smile when I do...........Fantastic.