Mercer Hotel plays matchmaker for Stern

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Ahh, we love a good love triangle.  Especially when it becomes a love triangle story set in a NYC hotel.  In this case SoHo's Mercer Hotel and Mercer Kitchen served as the setting for a very unlikely love story.

Four or five years ago Jen Crisafulli (the apprentice girl who got fired and then lost her real life job) found herself in at the Mercer Hotel bar flirting with Howard Stern, who had wandered into the lobby to escape a dinner party he was attending at the Mercer Kitchen.  Jen's flirting led to a confident Howard rejoining the dinner party and saddling up next to his current love Beth Ostrosky.  Howard invited the two girls out on the town, and the rest is history.  

The Mercer Hotel played host to the entire scene.  

Here is the way Howard's web site recounts the story...

It turns out that Jen was at Mercer Kitchen, a NYC restaurant, the same night Howard met Beth there at a dinner party. Howard was there and not having a good time and was walking around the Mercer, trying to get a look at the lobby. Jen was standing by the bar and decided to flirt with Howard for a little bit. That pumped Howard up and he went back downstairs and sat near Beth, who he said he had barely noticed yet, mainly because he was in such a bad mood that night. Jen ended up following Howard downstairs and came up to him and told him he had really nice eyes. Howard didn't even hear her say that, but Beth did and decided she wanted to flirt with Howard too. Beth thought what Jen said was really cheesy, so she told Howard sarcastically that she thought he had nice eyes. Howard hadn't heard Jen say it the first time though, so he thought Beth was complimenting him. Howard ended up inviting Jen, her friend and Beth out to a club after the party and they all piled into the limo.

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